The History of Denim: Did You Know?

Did you know? That jeans were originally called "Waist Overalls," and in the 1950's they were seen as symbols of rebellious behavior and banned in places like theaters, churches and schools. 

All denim is made of dyed denim yarn and white denim yarn woven together. 

This is how Agave Denim is able to achieve the soft hues of blue in all of our jeans. By adding a little bit of flex to every weave we're able to achieve that little bit of stretch every Agave Man loves. 

The first pair of brass rivet re-enforced denim pants were sold in Nevada in 1837 during the Gold Rush. Although our rivet re-enforced 5 pocket jeans are pretty tough, we don't recommend them for gold prospecting. They are however the gold standard for a perfect for a day out, lunch with your loved one, or a quiet afternoon at home.