Agave Denim Made in the USA

We do things a little differently at Agave - in fact we do things in a completely unique way:

Our denim is designed, cut, and sewn in the America.  We source the best domestic made denim fabric including Cone Denim. Making some of our denim 100% All-America - just how you want them!

Agave Denim Production Photo

Our jeans are hand finished domestically.  Each jean is unique and has properties unique to that pair - no two are identical.  We get a lot of message about our products being out of stock. We do our best to keep your favorites in stock. But this a product of our dedication to hand finishing. Due to our commitment to craft, our restocks can take a little longer. You can't rush perfection. You can however be notified of our restocks on any product.

Agave Denim hand finishing