How To Wear Denim

Denim is Tricky, isn't it?

First: Choose the fit you’re most comfortable in, from slim to relaxed. The waistband should sit right at your hip, about an inch or two below your belly button. Ensure the crotch is not too snug and the hem is not too long. Next: the wash. Darker washes tend to have a slimming and formal effect, while a lighter wash is more casual. Pair with your favorite tee, sweater, blazer — truly, anything goes.

The beauty of denim is in its versatility. It quite simply goes with everything. It is our world’s go-to casual pant with the ability to become formal in a darker wash, paired with a sportcoat or button-down.  At AGAVE Denim, we offer a range of washes, some with hand sanding for added texture.

Current menswear trends put the ideal fit somewhere between super-skinny and very relaxed. You want room to move and breathe, without swimming in cloth. Decide if you prefer a classic straight leg or more tapered, for a young stylish edge. 

The hem can fall anywhere between your ankle (more of a summer look for the sartorial set) or to your shoe, any point above the heel. You don’t want it dragging on the ground. This not only compromises the fabric, which frays, but has a very unpolished look and feel. A quick fix: the cuff. 

Are you a cuff guy? Cuffing your jeans adds a casual stylistic touch, while solving a long hem instantly. One fold or two — try both to see which feels right. Just don’t roll. 

Denim is durable. Its sturdy structure makes it a mainstay across industries and styles. Ideally, however, it's sourced from a quality mill. All AGAVE denim comes from the finest Italian and Japanese denim mills. Skimp on fabric and your jeans won’t last (or look very good).

The most important part of the denim-wearing science, however, is not to think too much about it. This fashion staple is fool-proof and not going out of style any time soon. You just gotta know what you like. And invest in quality.