Autumn Travel

Autumn Travel 

Unless you’re heading to the tropics, packing for fall travel can be...confusing. You can check the weather all you want, but you just don’t know if it will be a cool, breezy 64* or a blazing-hot-in-the-sun 64*. Plus — we all know you can never trust the forecast. But with a few key transitional pieces, you can travel across these fifty states and beyond in style, and without want or lack. 

You remember our one-pair-weekend challenge, yes? Well, it still holds! If you’re only gone for a couple days, one pair of quality denim is all you need. For this season, we suggest our Big Drakes in the fit and wash of your choice. Traveling for a full week? Throw in the Catalina Cord for versatility, style and lightness for when September feels more like summer or spring. 

Ok, that was easy. Now time for the top half. 

Don’t overthink it. A weekend trip calls for two tees — in case it's warm both days, one long-sleeve for when September delivers on its fall promises, and a jacket—for cool nights and unpredictably chilly days. Our ideal line-up: The all-purpose Aviation Tee, Agave Supima Polo for an elevated look, the Aero Slub to handle any modest breeze, and the Trail Blaze jacket to match anything and everything.

Staying longer? Throw in a third tee and an extra long-sleeve. One jacket is still all you need.

As for the rest of your duffel? That’s up to you. But may we suggest ample socks and undies, a bare essentials approach to toiletries, and a good book.