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Driven to Create

Welcome to Agave, a lifestyle brand born at the confluence of coastal California living and modern luxury; where smart design, trustworthy pieces and undeniable quality emerge in equal measure. From our humble Santa Monica beginnings to present time, we’ve never strayed from our desire to make the finest casual luxury jeans, tee shirts and sportswear in the market. 16 years later, we stay grounded by our vision of transforming and transcending clothes. It is our hope that the styles we create exude the quality, taste and refinement adored for years to come, while you make memories.

From Dreamers to Makers

We are for the well-rounded man who wants it all. For the muses, caretakers, pragmatists, owners, CEOs, architects, creatives, traditionalists, activists and dreamers; for those who believe that you create your own destiny.
Our intention of honesty, integrity and open-mindedness has manifested itself throughout our products, all ethically made in the USA and abroad.

Built on the principle of authenticity and independence, our attitude towards making clothes is always grounded in keeping it simple yet sophisticated. Our stories draw from our own personal experiences and from tales of adventure and individual exploration. This is Agave, where elevating classically designed American styles; jeans, tees and California, luxury sportswear, is our new mission.
Now as we look forward, our attitude towards design is simple:
We believe that good design can liberate you, offering the freedom to reach your fullest potential while looking the part.
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