The Agave Story - 15 Years – Agave Denim

The Agave Story - 15 Years

Agave Denim - Since 2002

The Fall/Winter collection is a celebration of Agave Denim's 15th year as a leader in denim sustainability.

From the very beginning, Agave has focused on fabric innovation responsibly sourcing hemp, Tencel ©, recycled and Supima © cotton to give our jeans a vintage look and worn in feel.

True to our Founder Jeff’s surfing and nautical roots, our anniversary collection includes a retrospective of our best sellers in updated washes.

Retro yet timeless, Agave denim has been hand crafted in Los Angeles since 2002.

Fall 2017 marks our 15th years.

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Founded in 2002 in Santa Monica California, Agave remains true to its roots of designing and crafting beautiful, inspired and authentic denim products using only the highest quality materials. All denim jeans and cut & sewn knits are cut, sewn and finished in Los Angeles California. The Agave style is defined by one's inner confidence and the ability to enjoy the simple beauty of everyday life. Agave style is effortlessly cool and elegantly sexy. The Agave brand by definition is called "West Coast Luxury".


Designed in Portland and hand-crafted in California, Agave is a "West Coast Life" brand committed to making wonderful and inspired denim products in a sustainable way using the highest quality craftsmen and materials.


We only make products we love to wear. We manufacture in an ethical way, whenever possible in the USA. We pay our partner suppliers and associates live-able wages. Our goal is to have fun every day and to enjoy life... and make amazing jeans and sportswear.


Agave's personality is a reflection of its founder Jeff Shafer - creative, casual and passionate. It's also independent, innovative & risk taking. As a company we are focused on inspiring our customers by providing style and quality to their life though their clothing choices.

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