Classic Tweed River Rinse

No. 11 Classic Tweed River Rinse

The Japanese tradition of washing cotton in indigo blue dye is well documented since the 1600's however the craft dates as far back as the 8th century.  

Our No. 11 Classic Tweed River Rinse refers to the centuries old Japanese tradition of rinsing the blue indigo dye in a river (not practiced anymore today because of ecological concerns) and harkens back to the way traditional indigo jeans were made.  

The fabric is 100% Japanese Cotton Denim and dyed with the traditional Japanese Indigo Blue dye - no fade, no sanding, no whiskers - just indigo blue in it's purest form.  This jean is finished with our Agave California Gold thread - the confluence of past and present.  

This is a limited production jean due to the incredibly labor intensive process and traditional dyes used.