Denim Is Our Thing

The Winchester Flex was born from commitment. First, we found the top name in global premium denim. In operation since 1893, the Kaihara Denim Mill in Japan has established itself as the leading denim exporter through fully vertical production: flow-spinning, dyeing, weaving, and finishing.

Directly imported raw cotton and self-manufactured yarns enable stability and quality throughout. With 110 years of indigo-dying experience, Kaihara continues to develop and fine-tune their technique for the finest dyes on the finest denim. Their multi-patented proprietary rope-dyeing machine has advanced the entire denim industry.

Then, we took a sturdy 11.5 oz indigo-dyed stretch denim—98% cotton, 2% polyurethane— and hand-sanded it. Our commitment to 3x1 right-hand construction means our denim is crafted carefully and in line with the top manufacturing standards. A stonewash adds softness only durable denim can handle, slightly fading our dark, rich indigo for a vintage look and rugged feel. The result: Winchester Flex, available in every AGAVE denim fit. 

HERE'S THE THING, GUYS: This beloved Mill is no longer producing this cloth. So get these jeans while you can, before they're gone for good–– in fact, buy a couple dozen pairs to last you and all the men in your world a lifetime.