I have always been in love with the color blue.  It began as a simple child’s love of the color of the sky and water.   My blue love grew when I started surfing around age 12 and scuba diving at 13.  At around age 14, I start making ceramics and cobalt glaze became my favorite.  Eventually I also fell in love with denim jeans.  I became a jean designer and spend hours daily reviewing the shade and hue of Agave denim fabrics and washes.  Over the last few years I have acquired many blue shoes, blue vehicles and blue stones.  All of this makes total sense because my real name is not really Shafer but Szafir.  Szafir is the polish word for sapphire.

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Gold Coast

I grew up surfing the local Santa Barbara breaks from Rincon to Jalama.  This is a map of where my friends and i spent most of our time when we were not in school or at work.  The water was clean, the air was cool and crisp, the waves were great and the friendships were amazing.  Some of the best and most beautiful days of my life…

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blue barrels

I grew up in Southern California in the 70′s.  I had to surf every day or I just didn’t feel “right”.   My range was Baja California to Point Conception with Jalama being my favorite for “lefts” and Rincon for “rights”.  Surfing is the one of the greatest expressions of the human soul.  Submerged in nature and creating the perfect balance with it.  My favorite color is blue… all shades but especially ocean blue and indigo blue.  Waves and denim share the same color palette.  The fact that I love them both is no coincidence.  They make me very happy.

Both my brothers Jon and Brad also surf.  Brad works with me at Agave and Jon lives in Santa Barbara.  He still surfs (lucky for him) but he is also the amazing photographer who took this picture.  If you click on “blue barrels” you will be taken to his site where he is the photographer, publisher and editor.  Check it out.

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