Agave Autumn | Winter 2015

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Getting so excited for the sample lines coming together for our Fall \ Autumn 2015 collection.

The First deliveries of SP 15 are starting to drop so get ready for some new arrivals in the next few weeks.


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Summer Warehouse Sale ’14

Great deals on amazing Agave Denim jeans, knitwear, sweaters, leather jackets + more for men & women.


We added Sunday to the calendar!

See you in Ridgefield WA

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New Arrivals for Spring 14

New arrivals are hitting the shop at last.   Really excited about the new denim and colors.  More on the way.

Check it out.

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Agave Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials | New arrivals in the house for men and women.

Shop Now.

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Summer Selvage Denim

Selvage or Selvedge comes from the phrase “self-edge” or the natural edge of a roll of fabric.  Selvedge denim can only be woven on shuttle-looms, which are rare because they are the vintage machines that Levi’s sold to the Japanese when they upgraded to modern, high-capacity looms.  The Japanese have continued the artisanal methods using these vintage looms that produce better quality,  more expensive denim.  These looms weave fabric with one continuous cross thread  that is passed back and forth all the way down the length of the bolt.  As the weft loops back into the edge of the denim it creates this “self-edge” or selvedge.

Check out these sweet lightweight cotton and linen blend Selvage denim for Spring  Summer 2013.

Cheers, Brad

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city of light-blue

For creatives it might be Mac World, for Sci-Fi nerds the Star Trek convention, but for denim geeks like me it’s a trade show dedicated entirely to jeans called Denim by Premiere Vision.  Held twice a year in Paris it is all about jeans.  Yarn, weaving, denim, dying, tailoring, cutting, sewing, washing and trimming… the uniform of the human race.  It’s not a huge show but it is amazing.  Vendors are all denim-heads and come from all over the planet.  Denim is our common language.  Today I worked with people from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Belgium, Greece, USA, France, England and other countries.  Many of these people have been my friend and/or trading partner for years but we have never met face to face.  Incredible!  The photo here is of a hand operated loom that was weaving denim all day.  A thing of beauty.  Very Zen.   One of the days highlights was being in the trenches with Adriano Goldschmied and having him acknowledge me and my work.  I am not talking about the company that purchased and uses his name but the man himself, the master.

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shuttle loom

Vintage “shuttle” looms were replaced with wider and higher speed modern “power” looms in the 1960′s to increase production speed and lower costs.  Because the looms ran faster, they were less tolerant of inconsistent yarn sizes.  The denim lost its soul but fed America’s youth’s obsession for jeans.  Today, a few makers use the old loom goods and make incredible denim product.  Brands making jeans with old loom selvage denim include Nudie, Edwin, Agave (Gold), Edwin, Evisu and RRL to name a few.  Agave selvage denim comes from Cone Mill’s White Oak (USA) as well as Kaihara and Kuroki (Japan).

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