Agave + Portland Timbers

It was really amazing for us to be able to bring Agave and Soccer together when we teamed up recently with our friends over at the Portland Timbers to do a photoshoot featuring our Fall 2012 collection.  The shoot features 3 hot players in the MLS ( Major League Soccer) from The Portland Timbers,  Darlington Nagbe, Sal Zizzo and Eric Brunner all wearing our Agave jeans and knitwear.  Images were shot by Portland photographer Brian Walker Lee.  It truly was a great day, the players and crew had a lot of fun.  Nagbe, Zizzo and Brunner took turns picking out their favorite pieces and we helped them style an outfit to wear on camera.  With a large studio space we were able to capture each players foot skills  and amazing athleticism as well as showcase the wonderful stretch and performance fabrics we use .

Take a peak some of the images on our Facebook page.

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I have always been in love with the color blue.  It began as a simple child’s love of the color of the sky and water.   My blue love grew when I started surfing around age 12 and scuba diving at 13.  At around age 14, I start making ceramics and cobalt glaze became my favorite.  Eventually I also fell in love with denim jeans.  I became a jean designer and spend hours daily reviewing the shade and hue of Agave denim fabrics and washes.  Over the last few years I have acquired many blue shoes, blue vehicles and blue stones.  All of this makes total sense because my real name is not really Shafer but Szafir.  Szafir is the polish word for sapphire.

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My Lil Buddy

There is no symbol of American denim culture more iconic than a vintage Buddy Lee doll.  Only a vintage Levi’s western banner or a pair of Big E’s come close.  I have been in love with Cowboy Buddy since the first time I saw him when I was a kid.  I have wanted one since I re-discovered him in Japanese Denim magazines in the early ’90′s.  This one is in my home and came to me through my friend David who is a vintage dealer & collector.  He is in perfect condition with beautiful raw denim, copper burrs and rivets, scarf and cowboy hat.

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