Celebrating 10 Years


Designed in Portland and handcrafted in California, Agave is Pure West Coast Luxury.  We are a brand committed to making wonderful and inspired denim products and sportswear in a sustainable way using the highest quality craftsmen and materials.


Agave is inspired by and captures the spirit and natural beauty of some of the most magnificent landscapes and terrain on the planet, from the Sea of Cortez to the Kenai Peninsula including; Baja California, Southern California, The Central Coast, The Mojave Desert, Big Sur, The Sierra Nevada,  San Francisco Bay Area, Coastal Oregon, The Cascade Range, The San Juan Islands,

The Olympic Rain Forest, British Columbia and Western Alaska, all connected by the Pacific Ocean.  Agave is a travel & adventure lifestyle with a focus on an ecological point of view, combined with luxury and ALWAYS in beautiful denim and sumptuous knits.


Agave is really proud to be celebrating 10 years of doing what we really love and making great denim jeans and knitwear .

Thank you for your support.

Cheers, Jeff



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Agave + Portland Timbers

It was really amazing for us to be able to bring Agave and Soccer together when we teamed up recently with our friends over at the Portland Timbers to do a photoshoot featuring our Fall 2012 collection.  The shoot features 3 hot players in the MLS ( Major League Soccer) from The Portland Timbers,  Darlington Nagbe, Sal Zizzo and Eric Brunner all wearing our Agave jeans and knitwear.  Images were shot by Portland photographer Brian Walker Lee.  It truly was a great day, the players and crew had a lot of fun.  Nagbe, Zizzo and Brunner took turns picking out their favorite pieces and we helped them style an outfit to wear on camera.  With a large studio space we were able to capture each players foot skills  and amazing athleticism as well as showcase the wonderful stretch and performance fabrics we use .

Take a peak some of the images on our Facebook page.

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Fashions Night Out in PDX

From Manhattan to Milan, Atlanta to Australia, the after hours shopping extravanza Fashion’s Night Out celebrated it’s fourth glorious year.  With stores in over 500 cities nationwide, FNO was bigger and better than ever before.   In Portland downtown was a buzz of activity.  We would like send out a huge  “THANK YOU” to Mario and his amazing staff for allowing Agave to host Fashion’s Night Out in Portland.  The event was a huge success and we would also like to thank you for your support and give a shout out to Eric Brunner of the Portland Timbers from dropping by.  Cheers,

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Summer 2012

It has been a busy summer season.  As I sat watching the waves roll in this past weekend I reflected back upon all that has been going on at Agave.   We have worked hard on many projects including our latest Spring 2013 lines.  Over the last couple of weeks the Fall 2012 merchandise has been rolling into the warehouse and looking really great.   I am very excited for the launch of our new AgaveDenim.com website.  We really like it and I hope you will as well.

Cheers Jeff

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pimp your glam!?

Last week I was in Paris for the Denim by PV show.  I spent three days walking the city in search of interesting things before the show.   More details to follow…  This show always puts an  artistic spin on trend.  This season’s “Pimp your glam” was no exception.  “Pimp” was no doubt driven by the bright colors and shiny metallic surfaces emerging in the denim world.  In a weird juxtaposition though, at the same time the market is “pimping its glam”,  another part of the market is returning to dark, inky, raw, rinse, selvage, authentic work wear roots.   Does anybody know what the hell those gold animal figures are anyway?

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Feelin’ Clooney

Ok I admit it.  I am proud as hell that George Clooney chose to wear my design, the Agave Speedster, for his CBS segment of Person to Person.  I am humbled.  Thank you George.  ~Jeff

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Find a Way

During the Agave 2012 Road Trip image campaign shoot in the California Redwoods I stumbled upon these trees and took this photo.  Life can be very challenging.  This photo symbolized my view on the best way to deal with those challenges. The photo says it all.

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I have always been in love with the color blue.  It began as a simple child’s love of the color of the sky and water.   My blue love grew when I started surfing around age 12 and scuba diving at 13.  At around age 14, I start making ceramics and cobalt glaze became my favorite.  Eventually I also fell in love with denim jeans.  I became a jean designer and spend hours daily reviewing the shade and hue of Agave denim fabrics and washes.  Over the last few years I have acquired many blue shoes, blue vehicles and blue stones.  All of this makes total sense because my real name is not really Shafer but Szafir.  Szafir is the polish word for sapphire.

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I just love the juxtaposition of these two elements.  Each one makes the other seam even more beautiful in a way that I would have never expected.  Juxtaposition is one of my favorite ideas in art and life.  The more unexpected the more interesting…

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Gold Coast

I grew up surfing the local Santa Barbara breaks from Rincon to Jalama.  This is a map of where my friends and i spent most of our time when we were not in school or at work.  The water was clean, the air was cool and crisp, the waves were great and the friendships were amazing.  Some of the best and most beautiful days of my life…

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