Hollywood Today!

Tanner was rocking another pair of Agave pants this week during Hollywood Today!

Tanner Thomason  in Agave Denim

‘Hollywood Today Live,’ Tanner Thomason wearing Agave Denim.

Christoph Sanders in Agave

Actor Christoph Sanders from ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Last Man Standing’ wearing Agave Denim as (Styled by @AliLevineDesign) featured in Afterglow. Afterglow is the magazine to read to inspire, motivate, and express yourself. Afterglow features celebrities, fashion bloggers, and artists that are unique and inspiring.


Actor Travis Van Winkle in Agave

Jesse Giddings in Agave

Musician, writer and E! News correspondent Jesse Giddings wore his Agave knit tee made in America.

Jermey Luke in Agave

Actor Jeremy Luke from Mob City was spotted at the 9th annual WIRED Opening in NYC wearing a crisp Agave button up!